Citizen's State Bank of Lankin

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Our Mission

To be the leading bank in the region and in each of the communities we serve by fostering lasting relationships built on trust and integrity and enhancing the value of our communities through a relentless commitment to service.

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Our Commitment

We are here to serve our customers and communities with innovative financial solutions, user friendly technology and unsurpassed customer service. Here at CSB of Lankin we also believe in 'Giving Back' to our communities.

Our Locations

Lankin Branch

Lankin location building


Citizens State Bank of Lankin

The Citizens State Bank of Lankin was founded and chartered in Lankin, ND in 1905. The original bank building was remodeled in the 1980's. The original safe remains and has been protecting our customer’s valuables for over 100 years. Christy Ruzicka is our Customer Service Rep in the Lankin branch. For all your loan, and insurance needs you may stop in and visit Greg Bauer.


Hours: 9AM - 12PM Monday -Friday

401 Main St., PO Box 155

Lankin, ND 58250

Tel: 701-593-6333

Fax: 701-593-6192








Edinburg Branch 

Edinburg location building


Citizens State Bank of Lankin opened a branch in Edinburg in 1937. Construction of our new building on Main Avenue with a drive-up teller window was completed in 1999. Marjie Jonasson manages this branch. Marjie Jonasson and Ian Mydral are our Loan Officers, Christine Grove is our Vice President and Joan Diemert is our BSA officer. Mara Booysen and Savannah Jerome are our Customer Service Reps in the Edinburg branch. Our board of directors' meetings are usually held in the Edinburg branch.  For all your insurance needs you may stop in and speak to Christine Grove.

Lobby Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm  
Drive Through Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm  
210 Main Ave., PO Box 25  
Edinburg, ND 58227  
Tel: 701-993-8625  
Fax: 701-993-8124  
Toll Free: 888-321-1324  



Edmore Branch

Edmore location building Citizens State Bank of Lankin opened a branch in Edmore in 1937. The interior of the Edmore facility was remodeled in 2000 and many of the architectural characteristics from this early 1900’s building were preserved. Marjie Jonasson is our loan officer. Linda Berntson and Amanda Sten are our Customer Service Representatives for the Edmore branch.

Lobby Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Monday - Friday

301 S. Main St., PO Box 98

Edmore, ND 58330

Tel: 701-644-2231

Fax: 701-644-2309

Toll Free: 888-667-8064










Park River Branch

Park River location building Citizens State Bank of Lankin expanded and built its Park River branch building on Briggs Avenue in 2001. It is a full-service branch with a 24 hour drive up ATM. In the Park River Branch, our Customer Service Reps are Anastasia Zimmerman, Alexis Armstrong and Damon Fjeld. For all your insurance needs you may stop in and speak to Jodi Jelinek. Will Magnusson is our loan officer.

Lobby Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Monday - Friday

Drive Through Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Monday - Friday

Drive Up ATM - Open 24 Hours

321 Briggs Ave S., PO Box 128

Park River, ND 58270

Tel: 701-284-7272

Fax: 701-284-7227

Toll Free: 888-890-7272