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                                                   Daily Fact: Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep his head cool.

                                                                           He changed it every two innings.

                               Daily Quote: Everyday may not be good, but there's good in everyday.

                               Facebook Trivia: What is the fastest fish in the ocean?

                                                                             a. Black Marlin

                                                                             b. Sail Fish

                                                                             c. Mako Shark

                                                                             d. Wahoo 

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Our Mission

To be the leading bank in the region and in each of the communities we serve by fostering lasting relationships built on trust and integrity and enhancing the value of our communities through a relentless commitment to service.

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Our Commitment

We are here to serve our customers and communities with innovative financial solutions, user friendly technology and unsurpassed customer service. Here at CSB of Lankin we also believe in 'Giving Back' to our communities.

Dogs and Cats Ordinance Refresher

Event Date: 
Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Dog & Cat Licenses expire on 12-31 of each year & must be renewed.

By Order of the Park River City Council



                AT LARGE shall be intended to mean off the premises of the owner and not under control of the owner or member of his immediate family either by leash, cord, chain, or like manner.    


It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of a dog or cat to permit the same to run at large at any time upon the streets, public places, public ways, school grounds, or upon the premises of any person other than the owner or keeper of such dog or cat.


A cat or dog is hereby declared a public nuisance within the City of Park River which,

1)     shall frighten, annoy, bark at, or chase any person or vehicle, or

2)     shall by loud and frequent yelping, barking, or howling annoy any person, or

3)     shall, if a female dog, be in heat, or

4)     shall destroy or damage any property not the property of the owner or keeper, or

5)     shall not have been inoculated against rabies if over six (6) months of age, or

6)     shall defecate or urinate on property other than that of its owner or keeper, or

7)     shall cause unreasonably fouling of the air by odors that cause unreasonable unsanitary
        conditions in enclosures or surroundings, or

8)     shall not have a collar and license tag when required, or

9)     is determined by the animal control department or health unit to be a public nuisance by virtue of
        being offensive or dangerous to public health, welfare, or safety.

The owner or keeper thereof shall be subject to penalty as follows:  First offense - $20.00; Second offense - $40.00; Third and subsequent offense(s) - Fine as determined by District Court Judge.

A full copy of the Park River Dog & Cat Control Ordinance 3.B.1 is available at the City Auditor’s Office or website at under City Government tab, Ordinance 3.