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Our Mission

To be the leading bank in the region and in each of the communities we serve by fostering lasting relationships built on trust and integrity and enhancing the value of our communities through a relentless commitment to service.

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Our Commitment

We are here to serve our customers and communities with innovative financial solutions, user friendly technology and unsurpassed customer service. Here at CSB of Lankin we also believe in 'Giving Back' to our communities.

Automatic Transfers

Did you is recommended that a person has at least 9 to 12 months' of living expenses saved for emergencies. With our free automatic transfer service you can start doing just that. Don't worry about trying to remember your loan payment date or trying to maintain a savings plan.  With our automatic transfer service, you can make loan payments on time each month or transfer money from your checking to your savings on a regular basis to help your savings grow.   


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