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Our Mission

To be the leading bank in the region and in each of the communities we serve by fostering lasting relationships built on trust and integrity and enhancing the value of our communities through a relentless commitment to service.

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Our Commitment

We are here to serve our customers and communities with innovative financial solutions, user friendly technology and unsurpassed customer service. Here at CSB of Lankin we also believe in 'Giving Back' to our communities.


Citizens State Bank has a 24-hour ATM in the drive-thru of our Park River branch

Citizens State Bank cardholders have convenient access to their cash when they use a MoneyPass, or Plus Network ATM.  These networks provide No Fee ATM withdrawals to their cash when using a Citizens State Bank card.


The MoneyPass, Jeanie and Plus Networks provide:
  No surcharge at ATMs that participate in MoneyPass
  No Fee from Citizens State Bank for the ATM Withdrawal
  Access to thousands of ATMs across the nation
  Convenient, accessible locations that include bank and credit union branches, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, discount retailers and many more
  Online MoneyPass ATM locator or mobile app to find convenient ATM locations. Search by street address, radius, or zip code
  Map feature to help you easily find convenient ATM locations


How to Avoid ATM Fees
How to Withdraw Cash for Free:


To find an ATM location near you, click on a logo below. There is No ATM fee or Surcharge fee when you withdraw cash from a MoneyPass ATM with your Citizens State Bank Debit Card.

Did you know the owner of an ATM can charge you a surcharge fee typically ranging from $2.00-$5.00 just for using their ATM? By withdrawing cash at a MoneyPass ATM, you will avoid any surcharges from the owner of the ATM.  You must go to a MoneyPass ATM to avoid ATM Fees.


Many stores with POS terminals, including most grocery and convenience stores will allow you to receive “CASH BACK” after making a purchase.  Make sure to ask the Cashier about their policy of receiving cash back and also find out the maximum amount you can request.

When you find a store that allows “CASH BACK”, simply enter your PIN and then follow the instructions on the POS terminal machine. It should ask you if you would like "CASH BACK", make sure to select "YES" or enter the specific amount you would like to receive from the cashier.  You will then be charged for your original purchase and the cash amount you received from the cashier.  This is the best way to get cash from your card account without paying any ATM fees.